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Outdoor & Seasonal Lighting

We Use Premium Outdoor Lighting Products

At LawnScapes of Texas, we have steady access to the finest outdoor lighting and holiday lighting products used in most residences and commercial properties across Texas. We primarily use lighting fixtures from two of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry: FX Luminaire and Unique Lighting Systems.

FX Luminaire, an industry-leading outdoor lighting manufacturer, boasts of topnotch products that many landscaping contractors and DIY homeowners favor for their excellent features and wide range of offered benefits. One great feature of FX Luminaire lighting solutions is their wireless function. So it’s possible to turn on or off the lights even while you’re on the move, which could be utterly convenient on your part.

The company uses LED technology for its product lines, so clients like you can expect low power bills each month. FX Luminaire also has a complete product line that includes lights for trees, pathways, patios, awnings, gardens, pools, fountains, ponds, entrances, and many others.

Meanwhile, Unique Lighting Systems offers some cutting-edge technologies that can make any landscape utterly appealing at night. The company offers Light Logic, which allows a property owner to wirelessly control up to four different scenes with a few push of the button. The system also automatically adjusts the dusk and dawn light activation based on the geographic location of the property, as well as the current season of the year.

The other product lines offered by Unique Lighting Systems also provide lifetime of use with their excellent design and build qualities. They also possess timeless elegance that can make your outdoors not only safer but also more visually appealing even at night. And with their low-voltage lighting fixtures, you can definitely look forward to huge savings on your monthly electricity bill.

Perfect Outdoor Lighting for Your Property

We have been making ordinary outdoors extraordinary with the various outdoor lighting fixtures and setups that we create for our clients. From simple and elegant path lights to a grandiose theme that highlights your outdoor living amenities and landscape features, you can tap our expertise to achieve the results that you’ve been dreaming of. We can also add some fun factor and increase convenience by installing lights with automated or wireless controls that you can activate or deactivate, as well as change settings using your phone or a dedicated remote control.

Additionally, we can install seasonal lighting (Christmas) fixtures that are sure to capture the spirit of the occasion. We can guarantee a truly festive outdoors that you and your family and guests will surely be delighted to look at.

Professionally Installed Outdoor Lighting

When you hire us to have your dream outdoor lighting setup, we will send our finest technicians to your property. We have a team of certified and experienced technicians with decades of experience in landscape lighting installation. You can trust our crews to install the perfect lighting fixtures that can improve safety around your property and make it more inviting once darkness sets in.

With professionally installed outdoor lighting that promises a lifetime of benefits, you can enjoy fun moments with your family and friends. Or, in the case of commercial establishments, you can offer your customers the freedom to roam around and have a relaxing stay in your outdoor area.

Call us right now at (512) 844-4765, and let us discuss with you our top-of-the-line landscape lighting solutions.

LawnScapes of Texas professionally designs and installs Outdoor Landscape Lighting & Seasonal Christmas Lighting.

Outdoor & Seasonal Lighting
Outdoor & Seasonal Lighting

Landscape Lighting: Did you know that landscape lighting can extend outdoor enjoyment, provide increased visibility for safe passage across your yard, and enhance the security of your home? In addition, our outdoor fixtures are designed to blend in with the natural environment while maximizing light output to showcase the beauty of your home.

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Outdoor & Seasonal Lighting

Seasonal Christmas Lighting: With over 10 years of experience installing Christmas Lighting, we possess all of the knowledge and skills to turn your home into a holiday showcase. All of our lights are cut to fit the specific dimensions of your home and to meet your personal desires for the color, creativity, and brilliance of your outdoor decorations.

Please call 512-844-4765 with any questions or to receive a free estimate.

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Outdoor & Seasonal Lighting

FX Luminaire

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Unique Lighting Systems


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