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The Importance of Regular Landscape Maintenance

Landscapes should be properly maintained to ensure the health and optimum growth of various plantings. With regular landscape maintenance, the outdoors will become more attractive and look spic and span all year round. In addition, the safety and functionality of the outdoor area is greatly improved when there is a sound maintenance program.

Our Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Services

We are the top choice of most property owners in Spicewood and other areas we serve because of our comprehensive landscape maintenance services. With us, they don't have to look for another service provider to work on other maintenance tasks. We can handle simple lawn care tasks, such as mowing and trimming, to more complex maintenance works, such as tree care, pest and weed control, and irrigation maintenance.

Here are some of the landscape maintenance tasks that we can perform on residential and commercial properties:

  • Mowing, trimming, and pruning. Our lawn care experts will ensure that your lawn is properly mown using task-appropriate tools, such as riding mowers and hand-held trimmers. They will follow the recommended mowing interval and height for your turf to achieve a healthy and lush lawn. We can also make your shrubs more attractive by using the right pruning and trimming techniques.

  • Fertilization and mulching. At LawnScapes of Texas, we always create a customized fertilization program for our client’s landscape. This is to ensure that various plantings will get their needed nutrients at the right time. We also recommend the use of organic fertilizers and mulches.

  • Tree care. Make your trees look more attractive and healthier by having us trim them regularly. We can ensure a safer outdoors by removing branches that could fall and damage structures below or hurt anyone near. We can also assess the health condition of your trees and recommend necessary solutions when needed.

  • Pest and weed control. We use only safe and proven solutions to get rid of nasty weeds and damaging pests from your lawn or landscape. Our crews are trained in the proper application of pesticides and herbicides, so you are assured of positive results.

  • Irrigation maintenance. We can guarantee that your irrigation system will stay functional the whole year round by performing routine checks. When needed, we could also troubleshoot any component to keep the system running perfectly.

Our expert crews can also perform other lawn care and landscape maintenance jobs, like yard clean up, turf and flowerbed maintenance, and other related tasks. Just tell us your needs, and we will offer the right solution or maintenance package.

Customized Landscape Maintenance Packages

At LawnScapes of Texas, we offer customized landscape maintenance packages for residential and commercial property owners in Spicewood and other cities in Central Texas. Clients can get our comprehensive service offerings or just choose from one of our premium maintenance services. We have the manpower, tools and equipment, and other resources to complete any maintenance task that our clients may hire us for.

If you need a reliable and experienced landscape maintenance contractor, please don't hesitate to contact us at (512) 844-4765. With us, you'll get the services of professional landscapers at a cost that you can afford.


LawnScapes of Texas has been providing professional landscape maintenance services to commercial and residential customers in the Central Texas area for over twenty years. Our maintenance services are designed to keep your entire landscape visually appealing and manicured year round.

We professionally maintain both turf and flowerbeds to maximize the health, color, and sustainable growth of shrubs, perennials, and turf grasses in existing landscapes. Our routine maintenance services include weed control, pruning, mowing, fertilization, and pesticide application.

Please call 512-844-4765 to inquire about pricing and receive a free estimate.

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