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Landscape Maintenance Bee Cave, TX

Landscape Maintenance Bee Cave, TX

LawnScapes of Texas has been providing property owners in Bee Cave, TX with professional and comprehensive landscape maintenance services. Our range of services includes various lawn care tasks and complex maintenance jobs such as tree service, pest control, and irrigation.

We are probably the only landscape company in the Central Texas area that can offer outstanding results without charging clients exorbitant fees. In fact, most of our previous clients in Bee Cave became our loyal clients because of the quality work that we’ve been providing them with. So please call us today and let us discuss the maintenance needs of your landscape.

Our Credentials as Landscape Maintenance Provider

We admit that there are a lot of landscaping companies in Bee Cave and nearby areas offering similar services as ours. But we are able to lead the competition by offering clients with premium maintenance services at affordable rates. Moreover, we are known in the state for our professionalism and dedication to every maintenance project that we handle. Our crews are trained to always provide quality service even if they are only working on basic lawn care tasks such as mowing or mulching. We are also licensed to perform various landscape maintenance works.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Bee Cave, TX

We offer a wide range of services that can address the needs of every type of landscape. Whether it is a residential or commercial landscape, we have the right service or package to make it clean, lush, and attractive. Some of the maintenance tasks that we can provide to our Bee Cave clients include:

  • Lawn mowing. Your lawn should be mown regularly to maintain its beauty. We can achieve this by using task-appropriate tools such as riding mowers, trimmers, and edgers. Our crews will also ensure that the recommended turf height is followed to keep it healthy and disease-free.

  • Shrub care. Let us take care of your shrubs and make them not only healthy, but also stunning. We can trim and prune them according to your desired shape and height.

  • Pest and weed control. We are licensed pesticide applicators so you are assured that we will perform this task according to local regulations. We likewise use industry-approved products for our pest and weed control solutions.

  • Tree trimming and pruning. These tasks must be included in the landscape maintenance plan. Proper trimming and pruning are not only vital in ensuring the health and proper growth of trees but they also help in improving safety in the area.

  • Fertilization. Landscape plantings should get their needed nutrients on the right time. And here at LawnScapes of Texas, we will create a customized fertilization plan based on the type of plantings installed on your landscape.

Landscape Maintenance Bee Cave, TX

We can also maintain flower beds, apply mulches, perform aeration and dethatching, irrigation fixes, and many other landscape maintenance tasks.

Hire Bee Cave's Landscape Maintenance Experts

At LawnScapes of Texas, we can take care of your landscape regardless of the scope of work or type of task that you may require us to perform. We have landscaping tools, experienced manpower, and other resources to successfully complete even the most difficult landscape maintenance task. Call us now at (512) 844-4765.

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