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LawnScapes of Texas

Landscape Design, Spicewood TX

Landscape Design, Spicewood TX

LawnScapes of Texas has been creating unique and functional landscapes for residential and commercial property owners in the state. Many residents of Spicewood and other areas that we serve now find joy and pride in the outdoors that we have designed for them. Incidentally, we are among the top companies in the state of Texas providing budget-friendly landscape design services. You, too, can avail our services by calling us today. We promise to help you realize your dream property by designing an outdoors that has all your needed amenities properly incorporated.

Why Our Designed Landscapes Stand Out?

Any knowledgeable landscaping practitioner and even DIY homeowners know that design is vital to achieving a landscape that is pleasing to the eyes, safe, and has all the creature comforts that the end users could possibly need. At LawnScapes of Texas, we always consider this fact when designing landscapes for our valued clients.

From the plantings and outdoor living amenities that we include in the design plan, we make sure that they are perfectly suited to the state’s climate. Our designers carefully choose the various elements such as annuals and perennials, water features, and hardscapes. Our landscape design team listens to what clients exactly need, be it in terms of the overall theme, the amenities and structures to be included, as well as their budget limits.

The end results are landscapes that offer pleasant respite from the daily busy schedules of our clients; outdoors that provide rest and recreation for clients and their family or guests.

Achieving Balance and Harmony

Two of the most important landscape design principles are balance and harmony. By balance, we ensure that various landscape elements are positioned in an orderly way that creates a visually appealing arrangement. We adopt different balance types, such as vertical, radial, and horizontal, to create pleasant variations to any landscape.

Meanwhile, we also ensure harmony by putting together different landscape elements, such as hardscapes, water and fire features, and softscapes, to achieve coherent overall appeal. We apply rhythm and repetition to achieve a harmonious arrangement of landscape features, which ultimately leads to a standout outdoors.

Why Get Our Landscape Design Services?

Clients in Spicewood, TX and other locations that we do business at will surely find delight in the expertise and professionalism of our landscape designers. Our creative team is composed of designers with extensive experience in residential and commercial landscape design tasks.

Having completed a lot of similar projects before, we have mastered special techniques when creating landscape design for our Spicewood clients. For example, we incorporate xeriscaping in which we choose drought-resistant plants that hardly require irrigation. We typically include this concept or technique in the design given the state’s predominantly dry climate.

Aside from expertise, we also have budget-friendly rates for our design services. We likewise offer a free cost estimate so you can determine outright how much money you need to prepare for your project. By hiring our design services, you are assured of the beauty and functionality of the various landscaping elements once they are finally installed.

Call us now at (512) 844-4765. We serve Spicewood, TX and surrounding areas.

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