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Proper Site Preparation

At LawnScapes of Texas, we carefully prepare the site before proceeding with the landscape installation. Accordingly, we can ensure proper grading, excavation, and soil compaction, as well as removal of stumps, unwanted vegetation, and problem trees. We perform all site preparation tasks according to local laws and industry best practices to ensure smooth workflow with no unnecessary delays, whatsoever.

We do all these steps to ensure that the installation works conform to the design and installation plans. This will also guarantee positive results regardless of the project’s scope and complexity.

Landscape Features that We Install

We are skilled and versatile landscape installers who can build from the ground up all kinds of landscape amenities. We can install all your desired plant species that thrive well and blend perfectly in most Texas landscape settings. We have plant experts who can choose and recommend the perfect plant species for your outdoors.

Our landscape installation services usually include the following:

  • Annuals. Our installation team can plant annuals, such as firewheel, golden tickseed, Texas bluebonnet, blackeyed Susan, lemon bee balm, and Leavenworth’s eryngo.

  • Shrubs. Our installers can provide native shrubs, such as elbow bush, escobillo, fairy duster, and Rosa de Juan.

  • Trees. We can plant tree species that thrive well in the state including Alamo, mahogany, alder, maple, basswood, ash, and others. These are strategically installed to ensure they will not become safety hazards in the future.

  • Turf. We can plant native Texas grasses, such as pappusgrass, Texas panicum, Indiangrass, windmillgrass, welder shortspike, Alamo switchgrass, and the like.

Additionally, clients in Spicewood and other Texas cities can hire us to install their desired hardscapes. We can install walkways, patios, driveways, outdoor kitchens, retaining and sitting walls, and many others. We can also build and lay landscape irrigation and lighting to make your plantings healthy and your outdoors safer and more attractive at night.

Moreover, we can install your desired fire amenities, so you can spend time outdoors comfortably even when the weather is cold. You can also get our landscape installation services for your dream water features. We can work on ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and even man-made streams.

We guarantee that all your desired landscape amenities will be built according to your exact specifications and in compliance with local building and environmental laws.

Landscape Amenities Installed by Expert Crews

We send only licensed and experienced landscape installation crews to all our projects. Our installers are experts in the field, and they are fully capable of performing all types of installation projects. They have worked on numerous similar projects before, and they possess exceptional knowledge of what is needed to create a truly Texan landscape.

Our crews use the latest landscape equipment, tools, and techniques to come up with amenities that perfectly capture your taste, personality, and lifestyle needs. With us, you can surely look forward to a landscape that has everything you need for a relaxing and comfy stay with your family, friends, or guests.

Please contact us soon through our customer hotline at (512) 844-4765 for more details of our landscape installation services. We look forward to hearing from you and creating your dream landscape.

Quality landscape installations are part of the all-encompassing services provided by LawnScapes of Texas. Whether you need to enhance your existing landscape, or start from scratch, we provide the services that fit your specific needs.

The quality of our landscape installations is the result of our knowledge and years of experience in Central Texas. All of our installations include plants and soils from local nurseries and are designed to thrive through regional hazards such as hot summers, drought, and wildlife.

Please call 512-844-4765 to contact us with any questions or to request a free estimate.

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